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Monday, November 05, 2007

My day today


It's me, Doodle (or Snickerdoodle, a type of cookie). Guess what I did today? I played something I hadn't played for a long time. Barbie dolls! I played Barbies. (with Jelly) (Ed.: Yes thats me, beautiful litttle me! And this is Jelly speaking.) Yes that was my SILLY sister. Anyway, back to my day. I did some school. Then I played Barbies. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my tooth is wiggly. I hope it falls out soon. That'll be good. I was reading some Peter Pan.

I'll type again soon, bye!


At 8:46 AM, Blogger Mrs. Woody said...

That sounds like a pretty good day, my little Doodle. Guess you forgot to mention, though, that you also started working on getting your room ready for the holidays and on doing the dishes. Are you trying to forget about chores? ;o)

I love you, sweetie. xoxoxoxoxo


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