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Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Field Trip at the Getty Villa

I went on a field trip yesterday. I learned about Greek and Roman things. The field trip that we went on was to a museum called the Getty Villa. We saw broken-off wall pieces, and pottery, and we also saw gardens. It was a really cool field trip. I only remember seeing two different kinds of columns - they were Ionic and Corinthian. I especially liked the kids' room there. I liked putting on shadow shows with my friends from our homeschooling group. I climbed up the amphitheater steps. It was high!

We saw four different kinds of gardens. One was an herb garden, another was a family garden, and I don't remember what the other two were called. The herb garden was also called a "kitchen garden" because they got all their fruits and vegetables and spices from the herb garden to make their food and also medicine.

I would like to go to the Getty Villa again soon.


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