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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today Is First Day of No Homework

Today at school my Mommy said there will be no homework tonight for the whole week! I was excited. I was really surprised when Momma said that. But that didn't matter. I was really excited, although I liked homework for a few days.

When Ellie and Mawgs came over I liked to play with Ellie. It was fun to play with Ellie. Because I liked my cousins over. Jelly liked to play with Ellie, too! Before Ellie and Mawgs came over me and my Daddy went over to the store to buy some Play-Doh and then to buy some lunch.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My First Day of Being in First Grade

A few days ago was my first day of being in the first grade. And I liked it, too! It was really, really fun. And I'm still in first grade!

A few days ago, too, were my first days of homework. [Ed. - insert scary music here] And I even did some spelling tests. With a pencil and with my brain.

Today I just brought some papers to Mom. And on the way home from the beach, I shared my goldfish with my sister. And today, Mawgs and Ellie had to go home.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Today is the 15th. And it's the first day of school, too. Today I got to do my first pieces of homework. It was fun! I even colored a Weather Girl. I colored her underwear purple. [Ed.: Averting eyes here!]

My favorite part of today was when we started school. ("Daddy, don't forget the period!" "Sorry!") And tonight we get to have Family Night! Mommy said I can help out with the game. Jelly gets to help with treats.

Doodle Woodyette