Doodle Woodyette

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Today we went to church. By the way, Britney, in my class, is six years old and was trying to hug me. Which was rather annoying. That was not being reverent. And if nobody knew, I wouldn't know. [Ed. - Profundities galore.]

By the way, if nobody knew, I would know that first Jelly was playing on the computer, and then me. And, at church Daddy didn't hear it, but I did my class presentation, and it was my first one. I said, "C is for children who I sit by quietly." [Ed. - Mommy loved it!] My tummy was saying it didn't want to do it. But the words came right out of my mouth. Zoom. If Britney and her Mommy and family were moving then I wouldn't have any teacher to help me do the presentation.

For goodness' sake, I made a Samantha paper doll with her own Lydia doll. How could I forget?

Momma gave me the rest of her ice. After she was finished with her drink, anyway. [Ed. - We have children. Of course we drink. Hers was a Decaf Pepsi, straight up.] And I'm wearing some overalls that don't fit me, but I wanted to wear them anyway.

That's all!



Saturday, September 17, 2005

Another Letter for Grandma Zornes

Dear Grandma Zornes,

Today I was really, really cold, so Daddy made me some Postum. 'Cause if it tasted like Postum, it had to be Postum! Then I felt warm.

We have a new school room. Did we ever tell you that we have a new telescope? That's huge? [Ed. - From her perspective, that is.] Daddy built it, and Jelly and I took turns reading the instructions. For Dad, anyway.

When I'm finished, Momma will read my blog. We used to have the dining table as our school room, but now we have a white one. [Ed. - We bought a long folding table for the new schoolroom. It's putty colored, but that counts.]

And now we have new Dora paperdolls, but we didn't make them ourselves. The computer made them for us. Jelly cut her paperdoll's hair really short. But my doll's hair is still a bit long. Because I didn't want to cut it all the way to look like a boy. But that was, like, yesterday. When I made my doll some new shoes. Besides, I was on the computer and Jelly was making her doll the way she liked it to look.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Letter to Grandma Zornes

Dear Grandma Zornes,

Today is the 14th of September. Today we had school while Daddy was at work. Jelly made a veggie tray for one of her friend's family. I didn't get to help. Because this was Jelly's project for Activity Day. While Jelly and Daddy were gone, I got my computer turn. Jelly was playing Dolphin Diaries. I think at the end of the day, Daddy was reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

After we ate breakfast we did our usual routine: get dressed, brush teeth, and make bed. And then we started school.

Daddy was taking Jelly to her friend's house. By the way, now we have a new family room, but the office will soon be Jelly's room. The new family room used to be the living room. And we're used to the new school room. Daddy is now typing what I want to say. [Ed. - instead of doing some programming, which is what Daddy is supposed to be doing.] Daddy was doing a funny editor note. Which it was very, very, very, very funny. Daddy is being coo-coo bananas for me today.


Monday, September 12, 2005

My First Day of a Haircut

First I went to the barbershop to get a trim. And we also did a bit of school today in our new Wonderwood Academy room, which used to be the family room. And today I got do my first grade book. Today Daddy let us have all the fun. Jelly and I, anyway. Jelly was doing a lot of typing when she had her blog today. [Ed. - Oh, yeah? This is news to me!] And for a snack we had ABC cookies and milk. And Daddy always gets haircuts from Mommy. Which she is a good barber. And, by the way, does that mean I am writing too much? No, I am not!

Well, maybe I am, a bit. But just a teeny, tiny smidge. For as long as everyone knows, I am five years old, but I'm in first grade.

For anybody, I still have long hair since I only got it trimmed today. But first I had to wash it with shampoo and water. And, I have a teeny, tiny, paper doll today. Too bad I didn't get a computer turn today. I think everybody thinks that I'm writing too much, but I'm not! Besides, who would say that I'm writing too much? [Ed. - Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!] Oh, back to my blog:

Here's the last thing: I checked out a lot of books today at the library! And so did Jelly! For the last time, I got my haircut today. But that was only for the last time, and that was my first day of getting a haircut. Ok, I think Daddy's getting tired of writing. Are you, Dad? [Ed. - Oh, noooo. Not me.] I have the last words in my blog. Am I writing too much? [Ed. - Oy.] These are the last words now.

I guess I'm going to say we have a new family room which used to be the living room.



Sunday, September 11, 2005

A letter to Grandma Zornes:

Dear Grandma,

Today Mawgs went back to her house. Before she left, Jelly and I gave hugs to Mawgs. And then she left. Momma gave her hugs, too.

Today before we went to Church Momma asked Daddy if he could take down their wedding picture. [Ed. - No, I'm not in trouble. At least, I don't think so. She had me put it back up tonight.] And then we left for Church. While we were waiting to go to Church, Daddy was on the computer. And I was getting my backpack. And after Church, Daddy put the wedding picture back up. [Ed. - See? I toldja!] Jelly and I were playing.

At my class, we were having bread and water. Our lesson was about Jesus having the Last Supper with the disciples.