Doodle Woodyette

Monday, November 05, 2007

My day today


It's me, Doodle (or Snickerdoodle, a type of cookie). Guess what I did today? I played something I hadn't played for a long time. Barbie dolls! I played Barbies. (with Jelly) (Ed.: Yes thats me, beautiful litttle me! And this is Jelly speaking.) Yes that was my SILLY sister. Anyway, back to my day. I did some school. Then I played Barbies. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my tooth is wiggly. I hope it falls out soon. That'll be good. I was reading some Peter Pan.

I'll type again soon, bye!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Weekend

Daddy took us to Disneyland where we met our cousins. First we went to California Adventure where I got lost for a minute. We went on a ride inside of an orange called the Bee Ride. It was fun! You spin round and round and round inside it. The orange was pretty large so quite a few people could go inside.

Then we went on my traditional ride, "Dumbo," in Disneyland. It was fun!

After Disneyland we went to our cousins' house to have a sleepover. The first night of sleepover I slept up in the loft. The next morning (after the day of Disneyland) we to Poppa's (our grandpa) house. We went for a walk on the beach and we had lots of fun there. And then we went back to our cousins' house for their birthday party.

They had pineapple upside-down cake. It was good. We also had mashed potatoes, vegetables, and cheese sauce. I enjoyed the big feast. After we ate dinner, my Mommy and Daddy left our cousins' house because they said we could have an extra sleepover. Last night I slept on my Auntie's biiig bed. And sometimes, when I'm sleeping, I don't even know where I'm sleeping. I usually think I'm in my own bed. But when I wake up the next morning, I see that I'm in a different room! [Ed.: Daddy feels this way all the time.]

Then we left those cousins' house. Then we went to our other cousins' house for some lunch. We only saw Natalie and Lindsey. The other ones were at a meeting. Those ones were (if you want to know) Robyn, Stacie and Katie. The meeting was for 12 year olds and up. Then we kids went upstairs to play. Jelly played with Lindsey while I played with Natalie. We had fun!! :).

Then we left for our own house again.

My does it feel good to be home again!

That's all for now. Bye!