Doodle Woodyette

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Now I'm a blogger, too!

A letter to Grandma Woody:

Dear Grandma Woody,

This is my first blog. And I'm excited! This is the first time I told my Daddy what to write on my first blog. I sang in front of a thousand people with Jelly Woodyette. But first we went to the Relief Society Room where Mommy usually sings. But this time, I did. Because the teachers told us to.

I helped getting the yogurt out for breakfast this morning. I liked helping. Do you know why? Because... I wanted to! [Ed. note: I wish, I wish, I wish I could describe the cute little giggle she inserted in that statement!]

And now I'm telling Daddy what I want to write.

Love, Doodle Woodyette

UPDATE: Daddy Woody apologizes profusely, and has enabled anonymous commenting. Sorry!