Doodle Woodyette

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Letter to Grandma NanZ

Dear Grandma,

On Friday we went to see Mawgs. She wasn't feeling very good. She was at the hospital. She had to take lots of surgeries there. [Ed. - "surgeries" = "treatments"]

I wonder if Mama is going to scrapbook today? Today Daddy asked if Mama was going to scrap. She just sat down in her chair. I just got Mommy the children's songbook. 'Cause she couldn't reach it.

Right now I am blogging a letter to you. Because I just felt like it.

And we ate Swedish pancakes, and I love apple butter! It's so good! Daddy gave me a taste of it. Because he wanted to know how it was tasting, and it was tasting delicious. Mama was the first to try the Swedish pancakes. I was the second to try the Swedish pancakes. They were delicious. Mom liked it, too.



P.S. I love you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

School Today

Today we made posters, and mine was a princess. And I wrote, "I love you Mawgs, Love, Doodle." It's for us to hang up in the hospital and cheer up Mawgs. To think about us.

And I was reading "Book of Mormon Heroes" and it's about obedience. The title is "Nephi and the Brass Plates." We have to search for things. There are pictures hidden in the story and you have to find a lot of stuff. Lehi had a dream, and his dream was that his sons needed to go back to get some brass plates, which were scriptures. The book used to belong to Grandma NanZ, and then Aunt Debby let us keep the book. The other book is called "Hidden Treasures of the Book of Mormon." And at the end of "Nephi and the Brass Plates" a little boy was, like, "What? Why is Zoram here?"

I pinched my thumb. It hurt!

I wanna be a kangaroo for Halloween. It sounds fun to be a kangaroo for Halloween! Daddy was just pushing on me. [Ed. - Strictly for motivation!]

The End.