Doodle Woodyette

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Letter to Grandma NanZ

Dear Grandma Nanz,

Mommy said that you're coming to our house! I believe Mommy. I love to have fun. And we're going to have Thanksgiving at Auntie LuAnn's house! I love to see Ellie.



Saturday, November 12, 2005

Letter to Jelly

Dear Jelly,

I'm watching Nick Jr. And right now it's muted. I'm watching The Wiggles. Clay says they make him giggle. Sometimes they make me giggle, too. I haven't watched The Wiggles in a long, long time. Daddy just turned on The Wiggles. [Ed. - You can read that any way you like. I prefer to think of "turned on" in the "got 'em in my crosshairs" sense.] Wiggles are funny.

Right now I'm watching about the aquarium. In The Wiggles. The Wiggles is long.



Thursday, November 03, 2005

Field Trip day

[Note: Daddy is transcribing this from a hand-written page. Doodle authored it herself, and only needed Mommy's help on a couple of words. I'm typing it here as close as I can read it, and am only sorry that I can't put in the occasional backwards "h." Hey, she's not quite 6. She also wants to tell you she had a good time at the rancho. - Proud Woody]

Some kids may think ranchos Are not real. But they Are. i went to one. i saw horses, lamBs chickens goats Bunnys and chicKs. i got to pump water. and i got to ride a fake horse. i went to A secret garden. Mrs. BixBy use to tell stories and write letters there. Yesterday i dressed up as a ranho girl.

Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

I wonder when you're going to scrapbook again? I hope you catch my letter for you! Because I just want you to read it. I hope you like it. Because it's a letter for you! And if you do read it, then I hope you like it. Because... I made it for you! [Ed. - She may have said that already.]

And Daddy was just staring at me. [Ed. - Note: "infusing her with focus and motivation;" not "staring."]